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Date Place and time Info
Sat 26th May  Ride led by Joanne, meet at her house at Earby, ready for off by 10.30. About 30 km and 700m climb. Will send address by email, contact me if you are not on the mailing list.
Tues 15th May  Trails on Ilkley Moor ride led by Tessa, meet at Darwin Gardens Car Park, Wells Rd, Ilkely ready for off at 10.30. 
Monday 7th May 7 riders rode a rather strenuous 29 km and 700m of climb from Stainforth on a beautiful day.
Sunday 8th April 9 riders rode 33km and 550m. Great fun despite mud++, busted chain, eye injury and then more mud.
Sunday 11th March  Hooray, some nice weather for 11 of us to ride the Settle Loop. Around 28km and 600m climb.
Sunday 11th February Another great route a bit spoiled by challenging conditions, 4 of us slithered and shivered 13km, 250m climb
Saturday 13th January 5 riders rode 27 km and 500 m climb including a messy slog up to Weets Top and descent to Winterburn Res 
Sat 30th December 6 riders rode 19km with 300m climb on Denton Moor in pretty uncomfortable conditions - got close at times, but in the end no tantrums were thrown.
Sunday 12th November 18 riders set off to ride over to Kirby Malzeard but plans changed due to very high winds.Sadly a few riders couldn't continue cos of pretty extreme cold, but the rest of us carried on to Scar House, 36.5 km and 620m.
Sunday 8th October 10 riders rode over Ilkley Moors and Addingham Moorside at 30km and 525m climb in sunshine
Sunday 10th September Settle loop = about 17 km and 450m climb. 9 riders, some filthy weather and a nice café visit
Sunday 13th August Addingham, Draughton Moor, Skipton Moor, Halton, Bolton Abbey. 6 riders, 33km and 550 m climb
Saturday 8th July 12 riders did circuit of Pen-y-Ghent. About 28km and 550m climb. Great ride.
Sunday 11th June 4 riders rode 24 km with 430 m of climb from Oxenhope. And 2 cafes!
Sunday 14th May 8 riders rode 35km with 570m of climb from Ingleton, featuring extreme gate-wrangling
Sunday 9th April 7 riders rode at least 29 km, 420 m climb from Otley, up to Stainburn Trails and Dob Park
Saturday 11th March 11 riders rode 24 km, 400 m climb from Horton-in-Ribblesdale, Old Ing, Sulber, Wharfe
Saturday 11th February 7 riders battled mud and risk exposure to do 23 km and 370m climb.
Sunday 8th January Tunnels,  Crummock, Wharfe, Feizor
11 riders, 19km, 420m climb
Sunday 11th December Gargrave, Eshton, Winterburn, Weets, Airton, Bll, Busk.
9 riders, 26km, 425m climb
Sat 12th November.  Bingley Willesdon circuit
Mountain Biking weekend in October - no routine monthly ride 
Sunday 11th September Addingham area. See new routes and notes page
Sunday 14th August Golden Acre, Harewood, Gledhow, Meanwod 4 riders, 18 miles, tour of theNoth Leeds Parks
Sunday 10th July.  Cancelled
Sunday 12th June
Ready for off 10.30 please
 Ilkely Moor, Addingham Moor Loop. See routes and notes page
Saturday 7th May    
Sunday 10th April From Malham Tarn. See new routes and notes page
Sunday 13th March From Ingleton. See new routes and notes page
Sunday 14th feb off by 10.30 Skipton area. See new routes and notes page
Sunday 10th Jan off by 10.30 See new routes and notes page
Sunday 13th Dec Ilkley, Middleton Moors, Beamsey loop 11 riders, 14km, 320m climb. Splash, splash